Whitetail Meadow

Weddings & Events


Dave and Lori Neufeld - Owners

Several years ago, Dave had a vision for a salvaged 80-year-old hip-roof barn and a stunning riverside acreage.  With the help and support of his wife Lori, that vision is now a reality.  Whitetail Meadow. 

Dave and Lori worked tirelessly to restore the building and beautify the grounds to make it a one-of-a-kind wedding and events venue nestled in the Red River valley. 

Jenn Neufeld - Event Coordinator

 Jenn is thrilled to be a part of the family business, now serving as the Event Coordinator.  Bringing her passion for helping people into her new role at Whitetail Meadow, Jenn will work with you to ensure you have everything you need for your big day.
What we do.

When you choose Whitetail Meadow for your event, what's ours is yours.   You will have full access to the venue, tables and chairs, kitchen and grounds.  For your wedding day, you will have access to Marigold Cottage to prepare and relax.*

At Whitetail meadow, you are free to choose the caterer, linens, plates and silverware and table decor from your preferred vendor.  We supply the corkage. **

*The Honeymoon Suite is available at additional charge.  **For a list of preferred vendors and corkage information please contact Jenn Neufeld on our contacts page for details. 

What we believe.

We believe that love is equal regardless of who you are.  We welcome all religions, ethnicities, proclivities and beliefs to celebrate at Whitetail Meadow.